Train from Berlin to Cologne

September 23, 2016
U-Bahn train, photo taken from

Brussels, Cologne, Amsterdam, London and more—whether you’re sampling the cuisine, exploring the culture, stealing a romantic weekend, or just taking care of business, our high-speed Thalys trains will whisk you to Europe’s great Northern cities in comfort and style. Trains leave Paris for Brussels every 30 minutes or so, and if you’re heading to the Ruhr Valley, you can choose from three daily return journeys linking Paris to Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen. Thalys also serves some 20 other European cities, including Marseille, Valence and other destinations in southern France.

Thalys trains by SNCF:

  • travel between Paris and Brussels in just 1h22, Paris-Cologne in 3h14, Paris-Amsterdam in 3h16, Paris-Düsseldorf in 3h41, Brussels-Cologne in 1h47, Cologne-Essen in 1h, Brussels-Marseille in 3h56, and London-Amsterdam in 4h40.
  • new connections between Lille and Amsterdam started 12 April 2014. Lille-Europe station is now only 35 minutes from Brussels, 1h25 from Antwerp, 2h00 from Rotterdam, 2h40 from Amsterdam, and 2h25 from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.
  • connecting trains to Berlin, Prague, Moscow and other European destinations served by our fellow members of the Railteam alliance
From Hamburg to Cologne
From Hamburg to Cologne
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Railworks 3 [HD] Train Simulator 2012 / Cologne to ...
ICE 3 in Train Simulator 2013 - Cologne to Dusseldorf
ICE 3 in Train Simulator 2013 - Cologne to Dusseldorf
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