Train from Frankfurt to Cologne Germany

April 15, 2017
From Frankfurt to Cologne

If you want to travel from Frankfurt to Cologne (Köln) or vice versa, you have several options; fly, drive, or take the train. Here is an overview of all your transportation options from Frankfurt to Cologne (124 miles) and their pros and cons.

Frankfurt to Cologne by Plane

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights between Frankfurt and Cologne (and vice versa) - with 124 miles, the two cities are just too close to each other. AirBerlin offers flights that have layovers in other German cities (such as Hamburg or Berlin), which makes your flight very long (up to 8 hours). Tickets are about $300, depending on the time of year. Compared to other travel options, flying is definitely not the fastest and cheapest way to get from Frankfurt to Cologne.

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Frankfurt to Cologne by Train

Every hour, there are up to three ICE trains available, which reach speed up to 300 kilometer per hour. Depending on whether you opt for direct train or a route where you have to change trains, tickets are between $60 and $80 (one way). Get tickets and reserve a seat (optional) on the website of the German Railway (in English), or buy your ticket at a ticket vending machine at the train station.

Besides being efficient, modern, and reliable, the train has another advantage: It will bring you right into the heart of Cologne, and the first thing you’ll see when you step out of Cologne’s Central Station is the grand Cologne Cathedral, one of Germany’s most famous landmarks.

Frankfurt to Cologne by Car

Going by car from Frankfurt to Cologne (or vice versa) will take about 2 hours; the fastest route is the Autobahn A3, which goes directly from Frankfurt to Cologne; the signs to Cologne will say “Köln”.

Auto Train at Cologne Gremberg Germany 9.4.2015
Auto Train at Cologne Gremberg Germany 9.4.2015
Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Cologne (Koln) Germany
Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Cologne (Koln) Germany
Cologne Gremberg Germany April 2-2014 : Different Trains!!
Cologne Gremberg Germany April 2-2014 : Different Trains!!
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