Distance between cities in Germany

November 25, 2016
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Need to drive between major cities seen in our Germany Map? Select a starting city and a destination city and our Germany Driving Distance Calculator will calculate the distance between the two cities in Germany-including border cities Basel, Switzerland and Salzburg, Austria. Remember that you'll need a vignette to drive the autobahn in Austria, where the autobahn is not free of charge as it is in Germany.

germany driving distances map Germany Driving Distance Map © 2006 by James Martin, licensed to About

Driving in Germany

The distances given in the calculator above assume you'll take a direct route, which is usually the German autobahn, a high speed highway system with stretches of unlimited speed roadway.

Germany has always been notable for fast autobahns and for producing cars able to traverse them in style and comfort. It's a pleasure to drive in Germany-if you pay attention and blend in by driving on the right and passing on the left.

The best day to drive the autobahn is Sunday, when trucks are prohibited.

If you are coming up to the tail of a back-up, it is customary to switch on your hazard blinkers to warn cars behind you that they will have to slow down.

Source: goeurope.about.com
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