Train Schedule in Germany

May 6, 2017
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Let’s book your German rail as precisely as it runs.

Few countries have the extensive options of Germany, from local rail to overnight trains to high-speed technical marvels. We’re here to help you navigate it all, right now. With scheduling information and instant pricing based on your itinerary. Simply enter your itinerary below and options will be provided. You’ll even be able to determine whether city-to-city tickets or country passes would be your best option. So lets go.

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What if you prefer planning a little less precisely? Or would enjoy a last minute trip to a bordering country?

A rail pass is just the ticket. While delivering all the benefits of the train, it makes traveling within Germany and its neighboring countries both affordable and easy. There’s less up front planning and it’s a practical way to allow for more spontaneous day trips. Precise? Maybe not. Practical? Definitely.

Some trains require reservations. Does yours?

In Germany, reservations are recommended when traveling on international trains between countries. And they are required for Germany’s ICE Sprinter trains, all overnight trains, TGVs to France, Thalys, Berlin Warsaw Express, and EC trains to Italy. All reservations are at an additional cost and can be requested within 90 days of your travel date for day trains, and up to 6 months prior for some night trains.

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Berlin City Hop-on Hop-off Tour

At your leisure, hop on and off a double decker bus as you tour Berlin. It is perfect for views of the city and for access to main attractions including Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Cathedral, the Pergamon Museum, the Brandenburg Gate and more!

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