Trains Between stations

September 14, 2016

All trains have space for wheelchairs and prams at the end of carriages – look for the wheelchair symbol beside the door of accessible carriages. While on the train, park your wheelchair or scooter in the designated space at the end of the carriage.

New Sydney and Intercity trains include accessible facilities such as priority seating, wheelchair spaces, audio and visual destination information and accessible toilets.

Regional trains have limited wheelchair access to the seating area. Look for the wheelchair symbol for accessible entrances to carriages.

Accessible facilities at stations

If you have a wheelchair, pram or heavy luggage you can request a portable ramp to bridge the gap between the train and platform for boarding and departing. If you need help to board the train, contact your departure station and let staff know your needs and travel plans so they are ready to assist you. Arrive at the station well before your train is due and make yourself known to staff.

Selected Sydney train stations have access features such as ramps and lifts to platforms, tactile tiles at platform edges, continuous handrails, hearing loops, accessible ticket counters, payphones and toilets.

There are different types of access at stations:

  • Wheelchair accessible stations have a step-free path to all platforms and to essential station facilities

Seeking assistance

Staff cannot:

  • operate your mobility aid
  • lift or carry you or your mobility aids
  • attend to your personal care.

Please travel with a friend or carer if you need this kind of help when travelling

Your mobility aids and taking a train

If your mobility aid does not meet these assumptions, you may not be able to travel on public transport.

Mobility aids on trains must comply with certain dimensions and manoeuvrability and stability specifications. Your aid must:

  • fit within the allocated space of 800mm wide by 1300mm long
  • turn 180 degrees within an area of 2070mm by 1540mm to ensure safe access to stations, lifts, level crossings and trains
  • have a total weight, including occupant, less than 300kg. This includes you, the aid and anyone required to assist you on the ramp

Safety for users of mobility aids

On the station platform, park your mobility aid sideways rather than facing the track. Apply the brakes when waiting on the platform or travelling on the train. Give way to pedestrians and travel at no faster than walking pace on stations and trains.

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Between Stations
Between Stations
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